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Strengthening the economic and social framework


It has been 3 years since the earthquake in august 2016 and IBO Italia’s commitment to help the hit territories regaining strength in their economic and social framework has continued throughout 2018. the aim is to help small villages on the Appennine ridge, where people still dream, live, resist, far from the big cities and the coast, bringing a little hope for the future.

It takes so little to move something, to enter into the hearts of many people.


A new start for the local church


Castel Castagna is a town in the province of Teramo. Not far from the city center Saint Vincent’s Church arises. this church is not anymore a religious point. Instead, it has become a point of reference for alpines, mountains lovers and tourists, and parish and scout groups.

In January 2017, the quake and the freezing weather caused substantial damages to the building itself, and the snow level was over 1.5mt high.

Thanks to IBO’s support and the proficient collaboration with the local administration and some private citizens it was possible to clear away the rubble and rebuild the rooftop following the original design and to repaint the inside and the outside walls.

The church is now restored to its purpose and it’s ready to be at the center of the local community’s life.

Roberta’s Bar

Fiastra is a small municipality with 658 inhabitants laying near the homonymous lake in the province of Macerata. The earthquake here destroyed not only many houses but also the economic and social life of the village. in spite of this, many people decided to stay here and start again. Roberta is a perfect example. after the quake, she detected the local bar and re-opened it in a container.  Her goal was to offer a place where people could meet and share their worries and plans for the future. Thanks to IBO’s support, a patio has been built, which widened the space at the people’s disposal.



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