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A world where everybody can enjoy a full education and formation process which allows us to choose whether to stay in our country or to live abroad.
A society that works together in which everybody feels responsible for everyone else and for the common good.

This is IBO Italia’s dream. Every single person is connected to the others, whether it is the one who tries to draw young people to volunteering or the one who leaves his own country to offer his help to fight against poverty, inequality, injustice.

This is why we focus our activities on solidarity and international cooperation and this is why we ask you to join us, to share our enthusiasm and our commitment to this cause, so that together we can build a more equal, just and sustainable world.


In the future, we would like to work harder and help our young volunteers to become responsible citizens. Furthermore, we would like to continue and strengthen the relationships with our partners and we hope that their needs become soon enough recognized rights.


  • Promote the access to education and formation for everybody as a fundamental right and help recognize its importance as an opportunity for the whole society.
  • Engage young people into volunteering experiences and promote social commitment, participation and responsibility.


  • Volunteering as a choice
  • Solidarity and sharing
  • The richness of diversity
  • Growth and emancipation through work
  • Respect for the people and the environment in a peaceful and just context
  • Consistency in the choices we make everyday


International Cooperation activities lead to:

  • families’ awareness that education is important for their children
  • creation of shelters to satisfy primary needs and support school attendance
  • building teachers’ abilities and support them
  • fostering occupation through the supply of training courses


Volunteering and local participation lead to:

  • the offering of medium/long term volunteering opportunities in the world which encourages participation
  • promoting and involving citizens in the fight against poverty and economic and social inequalities
  • the formation of a volunteering network