Global Citizenship Education - IBO ITALIA INTERNATIONAL
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In 2018, IBO Italia was engaged in different activities promoting Global Citizenship Education in Ferrara and Parma provinces, mainly in schools but also in youth centres or in occasion of themed events.

The schools where meetings and workshops were held were 12, the students involved were more than 600. 2018 was an important year during which many headmasters and teachers were involved in planning the activities for the year 2019.

It takes so little to move something, to enter into the hearts of many people.


Beyond barriers


Following the activities started in 2017, two proposals were carried out to raise awareness in students with respect to the theme of disability, with a special link to the two IBO Italia projects in Ucraina and Tanzania.

“ Dreams Have No Barriers” was a workshop held in Parma for highschool students who tried to imagine themselves in a disabled person. IBO Italia was involved by School Integration Office for disabled and foreign students in Ferrara in the “Tras-formativo meeting”(Trans-forming/ educational).


Giving birth to a New Italy


The project “Giving birth to a New Italy” : the youngsters committed for a real welcome and integration of immigrants” led by FOCSIV and co-sponsored by Labour ans Social Policy Department, started in 2018 with planning and preparatory meetings. This allowed to organize a training course for teachers in 2019, involving more than 40 classes in 10 schools in Ferrara and Parma, in workshops linked to the theme of migrations and Agenda 2030 Goals.

Understanding an interconnected world

Reading the world and current events, understanding complex phenomena as well as the importance of our choices in our town or in international volunteering. These were the themes of many meetings and events held in Parma schools, at the Youth Centre “the To Do School ”and inside the project “Let’s Map Ourselves”.

Interactive workshops linked to a world community, human rights and global inequalities were organized inside large events in Parma and its province (Multicultural Feast, City of Gastronomy Festival and Conscience Festival).


Positive answers to the question: Do you think you could do something against poverty in developing countries?”


15-24 y.o.


25-39 y.o.


40-54 y.o.


55+ y.o.